We feel and understand our motto SEE THE DIFFERENCE not only in the product or service matters. As one of the top players on the POS market we realize our important role in social responsibility as one of our key values. For us, profitability and responsibility are not opposing forces. We believe they depend on each other. Therefore we decided to focus on areas we consider most important. Children education and saving the natural resources by using green electricity.

Inner company climate is important but we all have to take care about even more important climate. Running the company on 100% Green electricity is absolutely elementary for us. Our offices, production and stock machines are running on green! All electricity used in Jansen Display is 100% green certified electricity from renewable sources supplied by the Nano Energies company.

We believe that helping those they are in need should be fundamental in business and personal mentality. Back in the days of 2007 we met Shinebean project representative and in that moment we knew this is the way we would like to support. To help directly where it is needed, see the results and being part of the the improving situation. Shinebean is building schools, training agriculture student fields and prepares many other activities to support self-sufficiency of villages in Kenya. We sponsored the water system installation to the school agriculture field last year. The field is now maintained by graduating students, their teachers and parents. We look forward to cooperate on more projects in future and to see the difference we are all bringing them.

We are huge sports fans and active athletes, so we are very happy to see all the generations with a passion for sport. Therefore we have decided to support our local RLC Dragons Krupka rugby team. Our presence helps the team to maintain a good condition for youth teams training. We finance the necessary reconstructions, help to cover away match trips expenses and to print their marketing materials. We are happy to be a part of the team’s huge achievements as winning the national league in 2016 and 2017. Big congratulations!