Our company was built on the simple mission to be the leader in the Display and Visual Communication market, to be the first choice for customers, in helping them select or design the correct products at the right price.

This hasn’t changed since a cold day in Prague in 1995 when we started from our small shed with nothing but a dream and a lot of ambition.Customers expect great products at great value which they can purchase easily. It is our job to deliver this expectation in the best way.

Jansen Display in 2018 is the result of 23 years experience in helping customers present themselves at their best. Top quality, modern production and wide product portfolio since 1995. Come and See the Difference with us.

That’s why we chose “SEE THE DIFFERENCE” as our core purpose. As a modern manufacturer we adopt the latest innovations and technologies, servicing customers through advanced logistic services with this core purpose at the heart of everything we do.

We believe that our suppliers are key partners for our success, and competition inspires us to improve, enabling us to make the steps to be the first choice for our customers.

There hasn’t been a day since we started the company where we haven’t sought to hire people with bright young minds as they are key to delivering new ideas and inspiration.

Jansen Display is and will be close to their people and their partners for years to come. We are still the same dreamers of 23 years ago, and as such we will never give up and we will be always winners.


  • Portfolio – Bring to the market a wide range of display and visual communication products to meet customers` needs whilst anticipating the market’s latest trends
  • Partners – Together with our customers and suppliers we will create mutually beneficial, long lasting values
  • Productivity – Strive to be a highly effective and fast moving organization where processes are clear to everyone
  • People – A great place to work where people are inspired and we can bring the best out of them
  • Profit – Maximize long term returns for our shareholders
  • Planet – Using environmentally friendly materials and processes, to be responsible and to make a difference in supporting other communities


  • Innovation – R&D team fully invested in the company with over 20 years of experience designing innovative products with a clear and distinguished design
  • Diversity and Inclusion – Every employee’s contribution brings added value to our customer ideas, so we listen to all in order to drive innovation
  • Leadership – our experienced and youthful management team encourage people to grow and believe in a better future
  • Passion – we put our heart and souls into our job to achieve the unachievable
  • Corporate social responsibility – We are a responsible partner to work with, we respect human rights and we conduct business in a fully transparent manner
  • Integrity – We are open, trustworthy and honest

European central stock warehouse of 4000m2
We open our French warehouse in Lille, we now have over 150 employees
We establish our Spanish subsidiary in Barcelona
We move to a much larger production and warehouse facility in Prestanov, Czech Republic
We establish our UK subsidiary in Cambridge
We establish our German subsidiary in Cologne
Jansen Display launched in the Czech Republic with 3 full time employees