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Jansen Display

We have been providing effective communication solutions for customers and visitors for over 22 years. We are proud of our longstanding tradition of supplying world class products and services. We are not just another wheel in the supply chain. In JANSEN DISPLAY we design, manufacture and distribute key products that support our customer‘s own sales, marketing and promotional activities. We are leaders in our field and continually set new standards for our sector. We use unique technologies, we manufacture superior products and we offer creative solutions tailored to meet customers individual needs.

We live in the world where the market continually evolves and new technologies give direction to people’s thinking. This year as in previous years we bring to the market new and exciting products to help you improve communication and successfully sell your products and services. All these inovations would not be possible without our in house team of product developers, designers and many other professionals who are involved in the manufacturing of our products!

Stability, reliability, quality

Growth and expansion on the European market

Revenue Growth in Euros


  • System of environmental management to decrease the ecological trace of products and operations
  • Only clean green energy from renewable resources being used
  • Participation in the systemised of recycling of packaging waste and ecological recycling of lamps
  • Collection and disposal of old electrical and electronic equipment and batteries for recycling



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